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Local Miami artist Gino Tozzi presents PROSPERITY, a 37' monumental sculpture in the form of a spider descending from the heavens. The sculpture is constructed from nearly 2 tons of solid aluminum atop a steel cube base representing the Earth. 


In many cultures throughout the world, when one is fortunate enough to see a spider descend from its web, the belief is one of PROSPERITY. This sculpture appears to have come down from the sky climbing its web and landed at the entrance to the Bayside Marketplace in Downtown Miami, Fl. 


We are seeking a select buyer for this monumental sculpture. The goal of the sale is to donate the proceeds to Art Studio World, a charity that assists at risk children through the arts. The buyer would receive a tax deduction for the purchase of the piece as proceeds will be donated to the foundation to continue their programming for at risk youth.

For inquiries please contact :

Telephone: 305-989-6963 • Email:

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