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Renaissance men are a dying breed, and there are very few that take the time, give the effort, or have the skill to do the complex artistic labor combined together with pure insightful concepts such as Gino Tozzi. He has a true passion for creation and he will stop at nothing when it comes to constructing his visions. Tozzi believes that ART is the medium for expression  and he continues to create more concepts in his mind than one would ever be able to create in several lifetimes. As a boy growing up in Rome, Tozzi was often dragged away from the playground to visit the Musei Capitolini or the Villa Borghese, where he discovered the works of old masters such as Raphael, Rubens, Caravaggio, and Titian. “Sometimes my dad would pull me out of neighborhood soccer games to drive all the way to the Uffizi in Florence, stopping at all the cathedrals and historic sites along the road,” Tozzi fondly recalls of his weekend outings with Gino, Sr. “Those experiences made me want to become an artist but my father urged me to study business instead.”  The art and history lessons became deeply rooted in Tozzi's imagination, and soon after earning a college degree in business and marketing, Tozzi returned to his first love, art, to pursue a lifelong dream.  Simply making art himself was not enough to fulfill his love for the arts so Tozzi launched an arts mega-plex called LMNT in 2010, a sprawling, 15,000 square foot arts megaplex in the heart of the Wynwood Art District. The complex consisted of two contemporary art galleries, six artists-in-residency studios, a recording studio, and a video and photography studio. LMNT stands to be his most ambitious and successful piece of art to date, with the entire 20,000 square feet of property covered in hand worked details by Tozzi himself. In addition to creating this one of a kind space, Tozzi was also featured in several art exhibitions with his works of photography, sculpture, & multi-media artwork. As well he has had many commissioned works including a series for a show on the Discovery channel. He has always been very fond of creating works of art that have a strong message or meaning, as he believes that the language of art speaks volumes to the masses.

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